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Claims Adjusting with Empathy

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Our dedicated adjusters are here to help!

Filing A Claim

All customers will receive a dedicated adjuster, proactive claims management, timely policy issuance, and an intake/claims center that is empathetic to your needs, especially when it is a jockey who is injured. When a claim is reported, our claims team is there for you. We also can service your jockeys in English y en español. You can depend on us. 

Industry-Focused Claims Advocacy

Every day jockeys face the risk of serious harm. Pressures to make ends meet,  to win, or a mount gone wrong can lead to catastrophic injury. When your jockey is injured, you want the right people and process in place to act with care and empathy and to resolve the claim as effectively as possible. 


As a client of Invictus Underwriters, you are afforded dedicated service for the resolution of covered jockey accident claims. Our objective is to provide customer care to your jockeys with minimal delay and disruption. Most importantly, it is done with empathy.

Here is what we provide to all of our insureds:

  • Dedicated staff accustomed to sensitive claims that require a great deal of empathy

  • Adjusters handling medical and death claims receive 1-on-1 training on placing condolence calls to the loved ones of the deceased

  • Dedicated Accident & Health call center and claim staff

  • 7 am – 8 pm EST telephonic intake in English, y en Espanol

  • 24/7/365 online claim submission through our claim intake website

  • A customer service team dedicated to helping with claims

  • Easy eligibility confirmation

  • Claims adjusted nationwide

  • Timely payment of covered claims

  • Twice annually, all adjusters receive additional training focused on customer service, phone etiquette, and empathy

What To Expect When You Call

Our call center will gather preliminary information, such as the name, contact information, reason for filing the claim (death, injury, temporary total disability), and policy number (if available).

At that time, the Customer Service Representative will request you complete a claim form or the online claim intake process and provide supporting documentation to process the claim. They will provide a website or the mailing address to submit your documents. Your claim will be forwarded to our processors to set up a claim number and the claimant will be contacted by mail acknowledging receipt of the claim. Through it all, our claims team will be with the jockey every step of the way.

Customer Care Professionals
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